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Future Generation Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Academy, Inc.

Who We Are

Future Generation Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Academy, Inc. (“FGSTEM”) is a 501(c)(3) Orlando, Florida-based educational organization committed to preparing and inspiring our next generations through knowledge, and exploration. We focus our instructional approach on increasing underrepresented student interest in, readiness for, and entry into adventures in the new world.Read more

What We Do

By partnering with local technology companies, we will provide a comprehensive hands-on program for underrepresented students who have a passion to build their own future. By offering curriculum units supporting national and state standards across multiple grade levels we will identify, organize, and incorporate activities for cooperative learning, problem solving, and critical thinking in these crucial subject areas.
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FGSTEM Saturday Sessions

800 Delaney Avenue, Room 3A Orlando, FL 32801-3897 Registration is required. Available free of charge. E-mail: personnel@fgstem.org Latest News
FGSTEM Application & Registration
Is your child interested in joining FGSTEM? If so, please Download The FGSTEM Application.